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Paula Terry heads four musical acts, each with a different style.
These acts can enliven events with energy, ambience and a repertoire tailored to the tastes of your audience:


Renowned for her seamless vocal  range, Paula performs pop, dance and R&B.  She performs regularly at venues in  Sydney .  

To listen to samples of her music,

 click below. 

Sensuality - Original track - Paula Terry (vocals and lyrics)
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Last Night a Dj Saved Life - Vocals Paula Terry. Lyrics by "Indeep"
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Angelic - Unchained and Paula Terry
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Paula Terry professional singer performing
Professional singer Paula Terry performs as a duo

Paula T & Co

A fresh Sydney duo, "Paula T & Co" combines the sultry vocals of Paula Terry with the vocal style of Liam . The duo performs a wide range of music from jazz, to rock to the most recent pop hits for parties, weddings, venues and corporate functions. The combinations of Paula's extensive experience performing overseas and  Liam's funky guitar riffs means this act creates cool vibes and a fun and friendly atmosphere. 

Paulita - French Chanteuse

French singer Paula Terry is based in Sydney

Inspired by her opera singing mother and having spent her childhood in Paris, Paula developed a deep affinity for French music. She trained with the renowned Jazz singer Kerrie Biddell. She was then invited to perform and record extensively overseas. With her seamless sultry vocal style, Paula will take you on a musical journey from French chanson to beautiful jazz and soul.  


Paula Terry is known throughout the international game music industry as the voice behind the Bemani video game series, DanceDance Revolution. 

Her incredible hits include “Broken my Heart”, “Dive into your heart”, “Destiny”, “Memories”, “Can't Stop Fallin' In Love” to name a few. She can easily be recognised by players. Most of her songs, were composed by Naoki Maeda, a famous game composer and arranger. 

Paula Terry is the voice of Dane Dance Revolution by Konami
"I Feel Free" Sega game song - Paula Terry
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COLLABORATION with Unchained

Sydney-based Hip-hop artist, Unchained, and Paula Terry have combined forces to create a duo that is a powerhouse of original music.

Paula Terry and Unchained are available for gigs and performances. They are great for young audiences that are into hip hop and RnB. 


To book any of these acts, contact:


phone : 0458 151 609

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